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Hello, and welcome to the home of The Guide to Surviving General Chemistry! My name is Michael Rosen and I am a 27 year old dental school graduate from the University of Maryland Dental School. Before becoming a dentist, I obtained a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Delaware, where I was very successful at helping students with general chemistry. Throughout my career at Delaware I became a tutor, workshop leader, teaching assistant, and was eventually appointed to the position of group tutor facilitator of the general chemistry courses. Through my involvement with the general chemistry program I noticed a lot of discouraged and frustrated students who were having a very difficult time with chemistry.

Being a student myself, I know exactly how it feels to not understand something and feel as if there is nowhere to turn. It is for that reason that I decided I was going to put a stop to the hardships associated with general chemistry by writing a book and passing on my tips, techniques, and tricks for mastering this difficult subject. As a 21 year old junior in college I wrote the book, which includes mnemonic devices, study tips, and example problems with worked out solutions for all topics seen in general chemistry. I put it all together in one easy to read study guide which differs from all the other books out there because it's actually written by a student who just recently took the course himself. My book is so unique because it combines the unprecedented perspective of a student who understands his peer audience and is able to break down the material in a way that students learn and understand while also having the legitimacy of a conventional chemistry textbook.

After all my experiences with tutoring and helping large volumes of students I know exactly where students have trouble, the type of mistakes that are typically made, and the trick questions on exams that students often fall victim to. It is my pleasure to provide students with this resource, and I am extremely happy to know that I am making a difference in their undergraduate educations. With the increasing demand for the book, and the thank you letters that I receive from students, I know that I was successful in my mission to finally provide a chemistry resource that you can actually understand.

I am very pleased to announce the recent completion of the second edition of the book and to introduce the editor in chief Dr. Mark Oram, PhD.

Dr. Oram

Dr. Oram received his Bachleor's degree in chemistry and biochemistry, and his PHD in biochemisty, from the University of London (UK) and has been involved in science teaching and research for more than 20 years. He has taught numerous introductory chemistry; advanced-level chemistry and biochemistry courses - both in the UK and US - at the undergraduate and graduate levels; and has mentored several biochemistry research students. In addition he has taught classes on the Human Genome project, forensics, Chemistry in Society (aimed at non-science majors) and forensic anthropology. He is currently working at Loyola University Maryland, teaching Physical Chemistry and Introductory chemistry courses; as well as Howard Community College, where he teaches General Chemistry, and organic chemistry and biochemistry classes. He has tutored extensively and has helped many students gain experience in chemistry, math and biology at all levels.

In his own words: "I was particularly impressed with Michael's book. Firstly, it is an excellent and comprehensive guide in accurate but largely non-advanced terms for students working to master a college-level General Chemistry course. Secondly, Michael's ability is to write it at their level, explaining the concepts precisely in terms that they would most relate to and understand. Thirdly, Many students can be inhibited by the style and volume of most Chemistry textbooks, but Michael's book provides an ideal means for many of them to actually see that they can easily master chemistry! This will in turn motivate and inspire more students to remain studying chemistry (and related topics) and progress to more advanced fields of study."


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Author: Michael R. Rosen
ISBN10: 1-305-39138-1
ISBN13: 978-1-305-39138-3
The Guide to Surviving General Chemistry
by Michael R. Rosen

The Guide to Surviving General Chemistry can now be purchased online directly from Cengage Learning! You may click the link below to get your copy of the book today!

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Table of Contents
As you can see, the table of contents is conveniently set up in alphabetical order for each major topic seen in general chemistry classes.  Within each topic, the sub-topics are also displayed along with their corresponding page numbers. Not only can you use this book as an easy read from cover to cover, but more importantly you can easily find the subject area you are having difficulty with and go right to that page in the book.

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Sample Chapter on Dimensional Analysis
One of the most important chapters in the book is the chapter on dimensional analysis and significant figures. Dimensional analysis is the way we convert from one unit to another, and without having a firm grasp of this technique, you will have difficulty throughout your entire chemistry course. This book takes the time to lay the foundation for dimensional analysis, explains how it works, how to use it for any unit conversion, and provides very systematic step-by-step examples. Significant figures is also an extremely important topic in general chemistry and will be required for the entire course. This book takes the time to explain why significant figures is important, how to count them, and most importantly how to know how many you should have in your answers on exams.

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Sample Chapter on The Periodic Table
Being familiar with the periodic table of elements and understanding how it is organized, what all the numbers mean, and how the elements bond together, is crucial for your success in chemistry. This book takes the time to dissect the periodic table, shows you important tricks and technique for remembering key principles, and shows you exactly what you should know and the types of questions that are always asked. Some of the key topics addressed in this chapter include atomic number, atomic mass, ionic charge, transition metals, electronegativity, ionization energy and atomic radius.

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Author: Michael R. Rosen
ISBN10: 1-305-39138-1
ISBN13: 978-1-305-39138-3

Great News!

"The Guide to Surviving General Chemistry" was written by Michael Rosen in his junior year of college in 2008. Since that time, the book has been self-published, marketed and distributed by Michael and his team. Just recently, the book has been adopted by Cengage Learning, a national publishing company. Michael is excited about this new partnership with Cengage, and knows that he has moved an additional step closer in his goal to help all struggling students get through the difficult subject of general chemistry.

The Facts

  • Written by a college student with extensive experience tutoring and leading chemistry help sessions
  • As a student himself, Michael has honed in on exactly where students have trouble and the typical mistakes that are made on exams
  • Content has been verified by long-time college chemistry professor Dr. Mark Oram, PhD.
  • As a self-published guide, over 6,000 books sold nationwide
  • Includes sample problems with worked out solutions for all major topics
  • Tells you exactly what you need to know and how you need to know it in order to get through your general chemistry class
  • Avoids dense vocabulary seen in conventional science textbooks
  • Tips, techniques, and tricks to tackle the material
  • Perfect for all general chemistry classes including high school AP chemistry

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SurviveChem prides itself on being a student focused organization that consists of students helping students. As the demand for "The Guide to Surviving General Chemistry" continues to skyrocket nationwide, we are currently looking to hire student ambassadors at different schools across the country that can help make our book available to as many struggling students as possible! How would you like to be part of a growing company, stand behind a one-of-a-kind product, and help students make it through general chemistry today? If you or someone you know thinks they have what it takes to represent SurviveChem, please contact us at